Jute Sacking Bag - Product From The Jute Fibers BD

Woven wholly from jute, sacking bags are heavier in weight and have a coarse texture as the fabric is made generally from the lower grade raw jute. The weaving process is single weft and double warp and available in plain or twill form. Jute sacking bags find primary importance in the agro-based and cement industries for storing bulking commodities ranging from 50-100 kgs.

Some of the commodities packed in sacking bags are rice, sugar, wheat, coffee, cocoa, onion, peanuts, black pepper, potato, cotton, fertilizer, seeds and other bulky materials.

Sacking bags have many advantages over the synthetic bags, e.g. bio-degradable, breathable, reusability among others, and hence there is an increasing demand from. Below is a list of common sacking bags available from us.

Used in agro – based industries for packing tobacco, tea, coffee, potatoes, sesame, wool, wheat, cocoa, sugar, pulses, grain, etc. and many other packing purpose.


B Twill                :              44″X 26.5″, Weight 2.25 lbs, (1020 gm), PxS 6×8

Binoia Twill       :              44″X 26.5″, Weight 2.00 Ibs, (907 gm), PxS 6×7

A Twill                :              44″X 26.5″, Weight 2.625 Ibs, PxS 8×9

L Twill                 :              44″X 26.5″, Weight 2.50 Ibs, PxS 8×8

Corn Sack           :              41 “X 23”, Weight 1.75 lbs/2.25 Ibs, PxS 8×9

Grain Sack          :               60″X 30″, Weight 3.25 Ibs, PxS 6×8

Sugar Twill        :              44″X 28″, Weight 2.00/2.25/2.50/2.75/3.00 Ibs.,PxS 6×7 / 6×8

Coffee Bag          :              40″X 26″, Weight 2.00 Ibs, PxS 8×8

Heavy Cees        :             40″X 28″, Weight 2.25 Ibs, PxS 8×9

Light Cees          :             40″X 28″, Weight 2.00 Ibs, PxS 8×8

D.W. Flour Bag                : 58″X 28″, Weight 2.25 Ibs/ 2.50 Ibs, PxS 8×8

D.W. Nitrate Bag             : 35″X 26″, Weight 1.25 Ibs, PxS 8×8

D.W. Jute Bag                   : 44″X 28″, Weight 670gm, PxS 8×7

Cement Bag                      : 29″X 20″, Weight 1.25 Ibs, PxS 8×8


And any other sizes as per buyer’s requirement.

Weight                : Standard or lighter than standard.

Sewing                : Overhead Dry/Tar sewn/Herakle sewn (safety sewn optional).

Colour                  : Natural with coloured stripes/ plain/ printed.

Branding            : Upto 3 (three) colours with logo print

Packing               : 200 bags to 500 bags per iron bound bale (flat/folded).