Charcoal from Jute Stick- Product From The Jute Fibers BD

We can supply jute stick charcoal and charcoal powder on regular basis. 

Our company is manufacturing jute stick charcoal and powder and we marketing this product in domestic and overseas market. 

As you may know, Bangladesh is the country who produce large quantity of Jute in the world. We used to separate the jute fiber and jute stick. The jute fiber is used in manufacturing textile, packing, rope, paper, bags and many more. The jute stick is mainly used to produce board, charcoal and cooking purpose. 

Now we manufacturing high quality charcoal and powder from jute stick here in Bangladesh. This charcoal and powder are exported to Europe, Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and UAE. The price will be very competitive but the quality will be international standard. 

Soon after we discovered that charcoal can be produced from jute sticks, we began our search for ways to materialize profitable production. Through much hardship and perseverance, we finally found an eco-friendly way to do so.

Use of Charcoal as Source of Carbon:

  • Gold purification
  • Metal finishing- purification of electroplating solutions
  • Soil enhancement
  • Greenhouse Gas reduction
  • Carrier for chemical catalyst
  • Anti-toxin tablets, cosmetics, ink cartridge

Production Capacity: Present: 40-45 tons per month

Planned: 100 tons per month

Other information:

  1. 1×40 ft HQ container will be loaded with ±9 (Nine) tons of Charcoal Powder
  2. Minimum Order Quantity would be 18 tons/2×40 ft HQ FCL
  3. Lead time will be 16-20 days after sale