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Largest range of jute products

With a worldwide client base, we are equipped to handle orders of any size, and if necessary at short notice.

Welcome to The Jute Fibers BD Ltd.

 At present various entrepreneurship development in diversified jute products involves poor women and other rural and urban unemployed and underemployed: hence significant alleviation of poverty is expected from the diversified projects. Our specialty is to provide upcoming demanding VOT/ food graded jute product.

The Jute Fibers BD will be the next top trustworthy brand in world jute sector by ensuring quality & continuous supplying our products as requirements according to our present and upcoming future valued customers.

The Jute Fibers BD - Jute Documentary

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Welcome to the green world!!

Jute is a 100 % biodegradable and eco-friendly material and do not pollute our environment like plastic products and poly bags, and we should encourage the usage of jute and jute products so that we can also contribute to our environment to make our planet clean and healthy place to live in.

Cheaper Costs

Jute is Cheaper as compared to other stuff and material, thus we can also save money up to some extent.

Eco Friendly

Jute is biodegradable material thus is very beneficial for our environment.

Environment Safety

The jute products and jute goods will also help in reducing pollution from our environment and our planet.

We use the latest equipment and technology.

“The Jute Fibers BD” is a high achiever of a very short span of existence year-after-year. It has an excellent management disciplines in finance, production and marketing.

Manufacturing Process

We mandates for greater degree of consciousness and openness with regard to quality at all stages of the jute manufacturing process.

Quality Control

Continuous quality control is the main key to success in world market. We set the high standards of quality at all levels of our production.

Shipment on time

100% committed on time delivery and ready to provide compensation on fail of our commitment to delivery time schedule

Our Ethics and Accreditations

At “The Jute Fibers BD” we work with a single dedicated factory which ensures transparency, no surprises and complete control of production.

All stages of the production process are audited, from sourcing the raw materials, right through to the final production of our products.

We have a responsibility to our customers, but we have a larger responsibility to our workers. 

As part of our transparent approach to compliance, we have always welcomed visits to our production facility from our clients.

Ensuring that they are paid a fair wage and work in the best conditions possible is very important to us.

Our naturally dyed bags can be produced with your logo and your choice of colour, handles and size

We've our own production units

We have our own work force. Having our own work force guarantees a sense of indigenous qualities which an In-House Man power can provide.

Latest Technology

We always focus on most advance technology, high graded raw materials,regular test facilities and that's our habit.

Natural Fiber

At Simply our jute products are natural, re-usable, long lasting, ethical and biodegradable.

Production Quantity

Our production capacity depending upon the buyers requirements,as we are capable of handling huge quantities

Our Social Responsibility

Our business objective will be to overcome poverty, reduce one or more problems such as education, health, technology access, and environment which threaten people and society. Our aim is not for making the highest amount of profits in the field of business.

Our workforce gets market wage with better working conditions. Our industries are environment friendly. We believe Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort……..

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