Jute Twine - Product From The Jute Fibers BD

Jute Twine is tough thread twisted of two or more smaller strands of yarn. Used extensively both in India and abroad for sewing, tying, and for a variety of industrial applications, the yarn is now a major component of export item.  Most of the single ply yarn is consumed by the jute mill itself, whereas other grades are consumed in the domestic and export market.

Salient features of yarn/twine:

  1. High tensile strength
  2. Excellent tying capability
  3. Consistent performance
  4. Economical
  5. Durable

Although the use of jute yarn/twine is endless, following are the main industries where yarn/twine is used:

  1. Carpet industry
  2. Gardening
  3. Packaging
  4. Craft
  5. Household application

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