Md. Deloar Hossain.

Founder & Managing Director
The Jute Fibers BD.

Welcome to our website
The Jute is eco friendly, biodegradable and not health hazards to human being. I thank everyone who use Jute / Jute Products & saving nature. I appreciate the constant support from our valued customers / reliable partners, who have inspired me to grow & build a better tomorrow. 

I like to touch briefly about myself. My father was farmer & cultivate jute from our agricultural land. From my childhood to present, i integrated my every part of my life with Jute. At the chain period of my  life for higher education, I selected my subject on Textile ( Jute ) & make myself as Textile Engineer. Then served 35 years on different Jute mills as General Manager. From my life attachment on jute a long period, I always search to find out new inventions.

“THE JUTE FIBERS BD”  is core of my total jute experience. Our mode of operation is to manufacture jute goods  & deliver to valuable buyers as always update demand. It is our utmost priority to ensure the best quality for the goods & the service to keep our valued customer satisfied.

Thanks for all.

Welcome to our green world
Jute fiber is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and thus environmentally friendly the upcoming demanding fiber in the future world. It is our privilege that Allah has blessed us with the golden fiber which is unique in the world. Jute is a versatile fiber. During the Industrial Revolution, jute yarn largely replaced flax and hemp fibers in sackcloth.
Today, sacking still makes up the bulk of manufactured jute products. Today jute is being replaced by synthetic materials in many of these uses, some take advantage of jute‘s biodegradable nature, where synthetics would be unsuitable. The major manufactured products from jute fiber are: Yarn and twine, sacking, hessian, carpet backing cloth and as well as for other textile blends.Jute is extensively used for sacking for agriculture goods as well as being used increasingly in rigid packaging and reinforced plastic and is replacing wood in pulp and paper.
At present various entrepreneurship development in diversified jute products involves poor women and other rural and urban unemployed and underemployed: hence significant alleviation of poverty is expected from the diversified projects. Our specialty is to provide upcoming demanding VOT/ food graded jute product.

The Jute Fibers BD will be the next top trustworthy brand in world jute sector by ensuring quality & continuous supplying our products as requirements according to our present and upcoming future valued customers.

Thanks to all.

Md. Rafi Sarjil

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
The Jute Fibers BD.

Shamim Ara Sultana

Executive Director
The Jute Fibers BD

We believe in quality
We believe in quality rather than quantity. So do so, in jute sector we always focus on most advance technology, high graded raw materials,regular test facilities and that’s our habit. 
We give consistently quality supply strictly adhering to the delivery schedule at a very competitive price.Our production capacity depending upon the buyers requirements,as we are capable of handling huge quantities.

The Jute Fibers Bd is committed to excellence in everything it does and take pride in being the pioneer in using food graded jute and installing environmental measures. 

Thanks to all

We care for future world
This website is created in a motive to show our creativity in upcoming eco lifestyle,the latest style & trend accelerated by our company. 
Not only the 3rd world country but also the whole world will take a glance of latest view of future green world by the unique fiber “JUTE“. All products and services meet the highest standards.
We care for our customers, their best satisfaction, our environment, our employee and our society. Please shake your hand with us and help to create the world greenish.

Thanks to all
Rowshanara Begum
Director ( Sales & Marketing)
The Jute Fibers BD.
Mohtarima Shimly

Director (Design & Diversified)
The Jute Fibers BD.

Eco friendly not as deadly

 I love Nature. Jute is the Natural bust fiber. So, I alawys want to stay with eco friendly Jute product. Best Jute producing at our country Bangladesh. 

Jute fibers Mother status earn our country as find out above fibers Jean structure.  We can manufacture & deliver worldwide in time any types of Jute goods as desired by the valued buyer. 

Specifications ,Swatch or idea is our manufacturing stand. Welcome all to us to collect eco-friendly articles for daily uses. Safe yourself , safe earth.
Thanking you & all.