Colored Cloth / Bags - Product From The Jute Fibers BD

Used in agro – based industries for packing tobacco, tea, coffee, potatoes, sesame, wool, wheat, cocoa, sugar, pulses, grain, etc. and many other packing purpose.

Its suitable for gardening purposes.

Bags Details:

Weight                : Standard Or Lighter Than Standard.

Sewing                : Overhead Dry/Herakle Sewn (Safety Sewn Optional).

Colour                 : Bleached And Dyed.

Branding            : Upto 3 (Three) Colors With Logo Print

Packing               : 500 Bags To 1000 Bags Per Iron Bound Bale (Flat/Folded) or carton packing


Cloth Details:

Usually we manufactured colored Hessian, CBC & FJF jute cloth which are using for manufacturing shopping bags or other decorative items.

Normal width: 40” to 48”

Color: Any color & Bleached.