TJFBD- Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Jute Goods

The Jute Fibers BD is an most promising manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Jute diversified and traditional products in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

With a worldwide client base, we are equipped to handle orders of any size, and if necessary at short notice. 

Our jute diversified products colour range is larger than ever; and our jute products span several categories to reach your choice!

Were promised to make quality jute products and contribute to Bangladesh economy by exporting eco-friendly quality jute goods.


“The Jute Fibers BD” is a high achiever of a very short span of existence year-after-year. It has an excellent management disciplines in finance, production and marketing.

Manufacturing Process

We mandates for greater degree of consciousness and openness with regard to quality at all stages of the jute manufacturing process.

Quality Control

Continuous quality control is the main key to success in world market. We set the high standards of quality at all levels of our production.

Shipment on time

100% committed on time delivery and ready to provide compensation on fail of our commitment to delivery time schedule

OUR INFRASTRUCTURE - The Jute Fibers BanglaDesh 

We have our own work force. Having our own work force guarantees a sense of indigenous qualities which an In-House Man power can provide. We believe that apart from sleek machinery, even high quality work force is very crucial for manufacturing our products. Skilled hands added to skilled machinery will result in high quality end products. 

After all, the finishing of the products is also very important which the customer will ultimately take note of. The work force is highly dedicated and skilled. We are really lucky to have a dedicated work force as work is worship so the end result is got to be at par with the expectations. 

The entire facility is present under one roof. A unified workplace which consists of the factory, store houses, inventory rooms and the site office surely is a convenient option.


Our mission is to innovate, develop and introduce cost effective, space solved and environment friendly products with technological advances. Moreover, to earn the trust and respect our customers in Bangladesh and abroad. On the the other hand to initiate the process of saving our greenery.sal



We’re one of the largest independent users of Jute fabric – a material made from 100% biodegradable vegetable fiber and a product used for many years in the packing of natural commodities such as rice, sugar, coffee and spices.